14/04/2016 – 8:45 am – 14:30pm


University of Calgary, MacEwan Center

The 2016 Calgary Local Forum will take place once again at the University of Calgary, on Thursday April 14, 2016. This year, grades 11 and 12 students, from the Calgary area, will participate in interactive workshops which will allow them to ‘live’ French in an authentic way. This event always represents an unforgettable day for our students. It helps them better understand the usefulness of speaking French as one of our two official languages and it encourages them to want to continue their studies in French.

Registrations are now open, register now

How to register?
1/ Fill in the online Registration form (don’t forget to click on “DONE” on the second page, to validate your inscription!)
2/ Send your Permission Form completed and signed by your parent / tutors by email at

Registrations are limited. Your registration will be completed once we receive your Registration form and your Permission Form completed. Register before Monday, March 21!

The program will be made up of icebreakers, a treasure hunt as well as 7 workshops (to be chosen):
– Law – Before the Court – simulated court case
– Reach for the Top
– Improvisation
– African Dance
– Your Francophone Voice for the Future
– Leadership activities
– French for my Future – discussion

Read the description of the workshops! (in French)


Committee members

Paul Boucher, Productor, The Right Voice
Susan Brims, Chapter Liaison Officer, CPF
Lesley Doell, French Language Consultant, Centre de ressources de la langue française
Christa Finch, Teacher, Ecole Highwood
Denis Fontaine, Assistant Dean, Campus Saint-Jean
Valère Gagnon, Program advisor, U of Calgary
Christie Jensen, Teacher, Ecole secondaire FCHS
Tarik Misho, Teacher, Holy Trinity Academy
Francine Payant, French Immersion Consultant, Calgary Catholic School District
Elise Tanguay, Teacher, Holy Cross Collegiate
Michael Tyron, Executive Director, CPF
Julia Wowkodaw, Teacher, Lord Beaverbrook HS