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Sandrine Berezowski 

Sandrine grew up in France, where she completed a Master’s degree in History at the University of Rennes II and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Caen in partnership with the University of Calgary.

A pedagogue, linguist and teacher of literature in French immersion, Sandrine is passionate about the culture and history of languages, which are intrinsically linked to those of peoples. She served as a Senior Education Advisor and Assistant Principal before joining West Island College in Alberta in 2016 as Director of French Immersion, International Languages and Culture. A strong advocate for a plural Francophonie, one of her mandates is also the enhancement of students’ plurilingual and pluricultural competencies within the Institute of International Languages and Culture.

Her commitment to her students’ success remains her main motivation. In 2018, she received the Teacher of the Year Award from West Island College and the Educator Award from Yale University in 2020. In her spare time, she is involved with the Famous 5 Foundation, which celebrates leadership in women, advocates for greater social justice, and inspires girls to become future leaders.