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What are Local Forums?

Local Forums are events that gather French Second Language and French First Language students from Grade 9 to 12 for a full day of activities in French. Thanks to the presence of stakeholders and artists from the Francophone community, we give students the opportunity to learn more about the cultural and professional value of being bilingual. It’s also the occasion to facilitate dialogue between French as a Second Language (FSL) and French as a First Language (FFL) students, while celebrating Francophone cultures.

Hosted in over fifteen cities across Canada, Local Forums welcome thousands of students every year. These events are free for all participants, including lunch!

Here’s the typical schedule for a Local Forum, which usually runs from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm:

    • Welcome, registration
    • Opening ceremony
    • Interactive workshops
    • Lunch
    • Cultural activity or artistic show
  • Closing ceremony

Why should my students participate?

  • To facilitate dialogue between FSL and FFL students
  • To provide students with a positive environment in which to practice their French speaking skills
  • To educate students on the career possibilities that come with being bilingual
  • To encourage students to continue studying French
  • To celebrate the French language and Francophone culture and show students the important role that French plays in Canada

Is there a Local Forum happening near me?

The list of Local Forums for the current school year is updated as new events are organized.


There are no local forums during the summer months. Check back here in September for the next scheduled forums.



How can I participate?

You can contact the coordinator in charge of the Local Forum in your region for information about registering your students.

Local Forum Coordinators

Calgary and Cochrane, Alberta: Trish Rognvaldson – calgary@francais-avenir.org

Charlottetown, PEI : Samuel Landry – forums@francais-avenir.org

Edmonton, Alberta : Campus Saint-Jean – edmonton@francais-avenir.org

Fredericton, New Brunswick : Samuel Landry – forums@francais-avenir.org

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Samuel Landry – forums@francais-avenir.org

Moncton, New Brunswick : Amélie Montour – amelie.montour@umoncton.ca

Montreal, Québec: montreal@francais-avenir.org

Ottawa, Ontario : ottawa@francais-avenir.org

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador: Samuel Landry – forums@francais-avenir.org

Toronto, Ontario: toronto@francais-avenir.org

Vancouver, British Columbia: cb@francais-avenir.org

Victoria, British Columbia: La société francophone de Victoria – victoria@francais-avenir.org and info@sfvictoria.ca

Winnipeg, Manitoba: Dominique Legal – winnipeg@francais-avenir.org

Yellowknife, North-West Territories: Trish Rognvaldson – yellowknife@francais-avenir.org

For more information about Local Forums in general, contact Geneviève Gobeil at coordonnatrice@francais-avenir.org


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