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French for the Future empowers and connects youth ages 12-18 across Canada through inspiring events and transformative experiences that fuel self-confidence, leadership, and a passion for French and Francophone cultures.


French for the Future envisions a Canada where young people appreciate their francophonie and Francophone cultures, express themselves confidently in French, cultivate a sense of belonging, and contribute to the rapprochement and development of diverse linguistic communities.


French for the Future believes that:

  1. The ability to express oneself in French brings significant personal and professional benefits to young people and opens doors for them nationally and internationally.
  2. Opportunities to have positive experiences in French in a real-life context and judgment-free environment enable young people to develop their confidence in expressing themselves in French and overcome linguistic insecurity.
  3. Appreciation of linguistic diversity and recognition of English and French as the two official languages are at the heart of Canadian identity.
  4. Strong and personal connections to French inspire youth to nurture a lifelong relationship with the French language and Francophone cultures, and help overcome linguistic isolation.
  5. The creation of relevant linguistic and cultural links among youth will foster an appreciation of diversity and motivate students to continue with their studies in French.
  6. Learning a language and appreciating its culture is a lifelong journey.

Strategic approach

French for the Future offers youth aged 12 to 18 exceptional life experiences, and everyday pleasures in French.

To do this, French for the Future deploys its efforts among four main lines of action:

  1. Articulated and proactive leadership: The strategy will be to articulate and actively promote the organization’s message in the political and public sphere and to act as a bridge between francophile and francophone identities.
  2. Authentic and radiant communication: Over the next few years, the organization will share a collective and inclusive narrative that resonates with young people; and prioritize high-impact actions that put the French for the Future message in motion.
  3. Enriched and accessible programming: By maximizing funding sources to extend the organization’s reach, French for the Future will seek to enhance its existing programs and identify and break down barriers of access to its programs.
  4. A flourishing, collaborative network: In parallel, French for the Future will aspire to nurture a community of champions dedicated to sharing its message; and to cultivate a responsive and invested pan-Canadian FFTF network. The organization will also engage its participants over the long term.

    By 2028, French for the Future will develop a system of direct support to youth, of which the implementation will maximize the scope of all investments in Canada’s linguistic duality. To achieve this goal, we rely on the creation of networks of autonomous interpersonal relationships in order to promote, at times of critical transition in school, the choice by youth to pursue studies of/in French. French for the Future is also working to consolidate the positive attributes of French in the daily lives of youth, and to promote to them a post-secondary project in French.