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How old will you be as of August 14, 2022? 16 years old

Where do you live? Chelmsford, Ontario

What is your First language? French

What’s your dream? My dream is to become a teacher like my mother and my grandmother. 

Name a francophone event that you particularly liked and tell us why. I participated in Destination Clic, a Francophone cultural experience in Moncton. During this event, I made friends from across Canada. Together, we explored Acadian francophone culture in various activities and I was able to learn about francophone accents and regionalisms across Canada. 

Why you can’t wait to take part in the FNJA! I am continuing my adventure by participating in FNJA, because my role as ambassador is important to me and I will be able to meet people who share the same values as I do in ensuring the vitality of our beautiful language.