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How old will you be as of August 13, 2023? 16

Where do you live? Victoria, British Colombia

What is your First language? French and English

What’s your dream? I dream for many things, for myself and for others, but mostly I dream for a future where everyone, regardless of identity, race, gender (etc..) is accepted, loved, and treated equally. Equally, I dream of a world where young people do not have to burden the stress of environmental issues, such as global warming. 

Name a francophone event that you particularly liked and tell us why. The 2019 Olympics at my school. Bonus points were given for speaking in French. Our team did not win in sports events, but we spoke the most French while having the most fun!

Why you can’t wait to take part in the FNJA? I can’t wait to take part in the FNJA because it will allow me to be engulfed by Francophonie and to participate positively in my community!