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How old will you be as of August 4, 2024? 15

Where do you live? Burnaby, British Colombia

What is your First language? Arabic

What’s your dream? My dream is to travel the world, as vague as it seems; I envision immersing myself in different world cultures and fluent in their languages. This isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s about forging meaningful bonds with people from diverse backgrounds. Through these encounters, my horizons will expand, and I’ll gain a deeper understanding of humanity. Ultimately, these experiences would allow me to understand the empathy and interconnectedness that bring forth true strength in our world.

Name a francophone event that you particularly liked and tell us why. At my elementary school, the Carnaval de Quebec was a cherished tradition, where firetrucks, class drop-ins from Bonhomme and class parades enlivened the jubilatory spirit of camaraderie. It was a day where the roles of ‘bûcherons’ and ‘bûcherelles’ were celebrated, fostering a sense of community. The event was a vibrant showcase of the Quebec French-Canadian heritage, eagerly awaited by all.

Why you can’t wait to take part in the FNJA? I’m thrilled to immerse myself in a week of enriching workshops and cultural exchanges and meet with fellow enthusiasts to honor and lead the future of Canada’s vibrant legacy of bilingualism.