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x-Forum Permit Application

Merci de remplir tous les champs ci-dessous. Pour envoyer une demande complète, vous aurez également besoin de dater et signer le Règlement des x-Forums, puis de le téléverser dans le champ approprié.

x-Forum Organizer profile
Have you ever organized events promoting bilingualism and/or linguistic duality?
Maximum 50 words
How did you hear about x-Forums?

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Your x-Forum project
City where the x-Forum would be taking place:
Place or venue where the x-Forum would be taking place:
Expected date of the x-Forum:
Estimated number of participants (enter a numeric value):
Number of volunteers involved in the organization of the x-Forum (enter a numeric value):
Estimation of the duration of the x-Forum:
Describe your project: concept, program, activities, facilitators, benefits gained by the participants. Maximum 150 words
What step has your project reached? Maximum 100 words
What are the obstacles or difficulties that could prevent the realization of your x-Forum? Maximum 100 words
Please upload the signed and dated x-Forum Rules and Regulations document in PDF format:
If you are underage, please provide a letter from an adult stating their name and contact information, relationship to you and the kind of support they are willing to provide.
What is the total cost of the x-Forum?
Please list the funds that you have received so far (amounts and souces):
Please list the monetary and in-kind donations you expect to receive (amounts/type and sources):
Amount of funding requested from French for the Future:
How will the French for the Future funds be spent? Please list the anticipated expenses.
You can provide here any other information that you feel is relevant to your project, or to your yourself, and that we should consider at the moment of evaluating your application. Maximum 100 words