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Kristy Brezina

Coming from a background in education from the publishing industry, corporate events and training, and the non-profit sector, Kristy has worked with top thought leaders, business leaders, educators, and students across Canada. With her experience in marketing communications, business development, and leadership development, and also having newly carved her path as an FSL educator in Ontario – she comes with diverse experience in both the business world and K-12 education. She is motivated to help organizations and individuals achieve their highest potential and is a proponent of how languages can serve as a powerful tool in elevating one’s potential and reach. Having pursued her own path to French fluency in her youth, she has seen and lived the powerful benefits of bilingualism and how it opens up the doors to global citizenship. Kristy is thrilled to contribute to French for the Future’s mission and vision and hopes to inspire a more dynamically bilingual and connected Canada and the next generation of proud French-speaking Canadians.