Ottawa le 9 mars, 2023 – The results for French for the Future National Essay Contest 2022-2023 are in! A total of 473 high school students wrote on the theme: “What is the impact of social media on the music industry and the musical creative process?” Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 were awarded to 95 future students, 49 in the French first language category and 46 in the French second language category.

The essays were judged by 27 French language teachers from across Canada. Despite the large number of responses, some stood out for their style and creativity. Important issues were highlighted such as the psychological impact of social media on both the public and the artist. The topic was covered from many angles, with one student even noting the technical impact Tiktok has had on the format of songs, such as the shortening of song times compared to songs from the 1900s.

As an artist, Shawn Jobin, sponsor of the contest and a French-Canadian urban music figure from the West, said he felt enlightened by the youth’s opinions:

“I had the pleasure of reading the finalists’ essays and I must say that I did not expect to come away with so many new perspectives on the impact of social networks on my own art. The frequent mention of mental health as an issue by young people particularly touched me, as it is a subject that is dear to my heart. This is proof that the topic is taking on the importance it deserves in our society.” – 

Shawn Robin, CNR 2022-2023 Sponsor

Laura, a returning judge for the contest, is continually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the entries: “This year again, it was a great pleasure to work on the contest and there were many beautiful surprises discovered throughout the pages of these wonderful texts produced by our young people.”

Thanks to the contest, 95 students have the opportunity to continue their schooling in French with financial assistance. The French for the Future team would like to thank all the participants for their efforts, as well as our 15 partner universities and colleges who continue to encourage the use of French at the post-secondary level through the scholarships offered.

See you next year!

Thank you to our partners!