Ottawa, June 17, 2021 – French for the Future is pleased to learn that Bill C-32 for the modernization of the Official Languages Act was finally introduced to the House of Commons on Tuesday. French for the Future applauds the remarkable work of the Minister of Economical Development and Official Languages, Melanie Joly, and her team, who brought this bill forward.

This tabling represents a further step towards true equality between Canada’s official languages. It increases the role of the Federal government, opening the door to bilingualism for more young people by ensuring that:

  • The French language is both better protected and further promoted through government-led initiatives,
  • French and English learning is supported by positive measures from the government.

French for the Future believes that these changes will help young Canadians to access quality learning of their second official language.

« French for the Future wants to contribute to the creation of a Canada where all young people value our Francophone heritage, appreciate Francophone cultures and endeavor to excel in French. », says Emeline Leurent, French for the Future’s Executive Director. « In this sense, this bill is excellent news as it provides positive measures from the government to promote and support French language learning ».

French for the Future was actively involved in the many consultations conducted to modernize the Official Languages Act since 2017. The organization has provided numerous youth testimonies to the Senate Standing Committee on Official Languages. It has presented recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee and submitted a brief on the proposed reform of the Act.

French for the Future applauds this progress and encourages the adoption of this Act, which will benefit all Canadians across the country.