Our online space, Fr+, was created in February 2022 to provide a relaxed environment, all in French, for teenagers ages 14-17 to experience French without the constraints of school.

The platform allows them to create their Francophone community by sharing their interests according to their level in French with other Francophones and Francophiles their age.

Fr+ keeps evolving to get grow users’ interest in the French language.

The platform is already equipped with new features to encourage teenagers to stay more in touch with French. As part of this development, a point system has been integrated into the platform that allows users to accumulate points to earn virtual rewards and view their progress on Fr+. Notifications have also been activated to help users interact more easily. They can now access their notifications from the dashboard, find all their posts on their profile, and reply to comments.

By creating their account, posting, commenting, and reacting on Fr+, users will earn points that allow them to gain different badges.

The advantage of this point system and badges is that they motivate users to be active on the platform by posting and commenting and thus improve their French.

Discover Fr+ and its features!