Registrations to get our Franconnexion Session toolkit are open to high school French teachers starting today until January 31. What could be better than beginning the New Year with new resources to motivate students to learn French!

Last year, 92% of the 350 teachers who completed our survey confirmed that these educational resources helped students better understand the advantages of learning and speaking French.

A Franconnexion Session is a toolkit to boost high school students’ interest in French. It contains engaging activities, videos, and games that will motivate youth in grades 7 to 12 to value French.

Throughout the month of January, our 2 options GO FUN and GO GREEN are available to order. High school French teachers can register to receive 5 bilingual posters about the French language, bilingualism, and the Francophonie, all free of charge. They will also receive many digital resources like videos, playlists, Kahoot! games and many other activities that help students make the connection between the French learned in class and its use outside of school.

In partnership with Idéllo!