Ottawa, February 24, 2023 – Today, French for the Future and its partners, the French Embassy in Canada and the Salon du Livre de l’Outaouais, we’re pleased to reveal the winners of the contest Lance ton balado! during the awards ceremony at the Palais des congrès in Gatineau.
Approximately 60 podcasts were received from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Among the teams, 60% spoke French as a first language and 40% as a second language. A majority of participants were in grade 8.
Our judges enjoyed listening to the submissions and appreciated the quality of the podcasts. Nevertheless, they had to select the best ones, and 8 podcasts were declared winners.
Among the winners, 7 teams are from Ontario and 1 from Nova Scotia. Congratulations!
Jury’s favorite prize: a book Miss parfaite for each team member
Podcast Simone Veil, une femme inspirante du XXème siècle
Produced by Maya BEN AMAR, Alexandra CHARRON and Alexandra HOULE
Lycée Claudel – Ottawa, ON.
Podcast Le développement de CRISPR with Emanuelle Charpentier
Produced by Noelle ALDOUS and Alice CHENG
Ashbury College – Ottawa, ON.
3rd prize: a pair of AirPods for each team member
Podcast Olympe de Gouges, une femme indépendante, une pionnière et une visionnaire en avance sur son temps
Produced by Farida KHALIL, Jolina ABI SEMAAN and Charlotte SMITH
Lycée Claudel – Ottawa, ON.
Podcast La création de la toilette à flush
Produced by Allan Joël MOUAFO SOH and Alan IMANZI NDASHIMYE
Béatrice-Desloges Catholic Secondary School – Ottawa, ON.
Podcast Leçons de vie
Produced by Ward NASRALLAH, Ward SAFA, and Asli DJAMA
Pierre-de-Blois Secondary School – Ottawa, ON.
2nd prize: a pair of AirPods for each team member
Balado : Félix Éboué, le lion qui est debout et qui dit non
Produced by Simon BERNIN and Wladimir SIMCHOWITZ
Lycée Claudel – Ottawa, ON.
Balado : Le côté commuté
Produced by Wafaa AMIN, Asia URQUHART, and Etta QUARTER
Gorsebrook Junior High School – Halifax, NS.
1st prize: Travel and participation to the SLO, post-production, and broadcast of the podcast, and a pair of AirPods for each team member
Balado Vivre libre avec Angèle
Produced by Sophia NAZARI and Maria OPREA
Richmond Hill High School – York, ON.
French for the Future and its partners would like to congratulate and recognize the efforts of all the participants in the contest Lance ton balado. The podcasts received represent many hours of work and reflection on the part of the contestants about the theme: Impact(s) of a great character, real or fictional, on their life or society.
By teaming up for the contest, the objective of FPA, the French Embassy in Canada, and the SLO was to give to young Francophones and Francophiles across Canada the opportunity to make their voices heard, share their passion, and explore their creativity through the podcast format.

“For French for the Future, it was important that this contest be open and accessible to all students who speak and learn French in Canada, whether it is their first, second, or even fifth language,” says Emeline Leurent, Executive Director of French for the Future. “Through many programs such as the Lance ton balado! contest, we offer young people opportunities to experience French outside the classroom”.