French for the Future announces its new 2024-2028 strategic plan. The plan concludes nine months of dialogue with various agents of the Canadian Francophonie, cooperative workshops with high school students, and in-depth reflection by the French for the Future team and its Board of Directors.

The process brings to light a new mission that resonates with the organization’s updated values:

French for the Future empowers and connects youth ages 12-18 across Canada through inspiring events and transformative experiences that fuel self-confidence, leadership, and a passion for French and Francophone cultures.

French for the Future is also proud to present a new vision and beliefs that support the strategic pillars that will guide the organization’s actions over the next five years. Read French for the Future’s 2024 vision and beliefs.

“French for the Future’s new strategic plan is the result of an exhaustive strategic planning exercise. We’re proud of this concerted, collaborative effort, in which everyone contributed their part,” reports Ania Kolodziej, the organization’s president. “After more than 25 years of existence, these renewed foundations actualize French for the Future’s raison d’être and will guide it into the future”.

The organization’s efforts will be deployed along four main strategic axes:

  1. Articulated and proactive leadership: the strategies will be to articulate and actively promote the organization’s message in the political and public sphere; and to act as a bridge between Francophile and Francophone identities.

  2. Authentic and radiant communication: over the next few years, the organization will share a unifying and inclusive collective narrative that resonates with young people; and prioritize high-impact actions that put the French for the Future message in motion.

  3. Enriched and accessible programming: By maximizing funding sources to extend the organization’s reach, French for the Future will seek to enhance its current programs and identify and break down barriers to accessibility.

  4. A flourishing, collaborative network: In parallel, French for the Future will aspire to nurture a community of champions dedicated to sharing its message; and to cultivate a responsive and invested pan-Canadian FFTF network. The organization will also foster the long-term commitment of its participants.

“These four major pillars, and the strategies that accompany them, are the culmination of the thoughts of everyone involved in developing the plan,” emphasizes Emeline Leurent, the organization’s Executive Director. “They give us the direction in which the organization wishes to evolve, and will be implemented through priority actions and an action plan drawn up by the team”.

This new strategic plan received a warm welcome by the Ottawa team members and the Board of Directors. It builds on French for the Future’s historic values and reflects the future expectations of the organization’s various stakeholders. More than anything else, the new strategic plan is based on in-depth reflection and collaboration with the key players: Canada’s youth. French for the Future looks forward to implementing the priority actions identified, to meeting the expectations of young Francophones and Francophiles, and thereby participating in the creation of a Canada where young people appreciate their Francophonie and Francophone cultures, express themselves confidently in French, cultivate a sense of belonging, and contribute to the rapprochement and development of diverse linguistic communities.

Discover the 2024-2028 strategic plan!