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Connecting young Canadians while encouraging them to practice their French! Improve French

French for the Future is pleased to announce the opening of registrations for its United Bilingual Correspondents program. The goal is to connect young people in grades 7 to 12 across Canada so they can interact in French while learning about the culture of another province or territory. Registration is open online on our website until September 30, 2022. The program is free to all students living in Canada in grades 7 to 12 (secondary 1 to CEGEP 1 in Quebec). Improve French

Last year, the program successfully paired close to 200 participants throughout Canada. Young participants from all levels registered and were able to communicate and develop a friendship in French using the tool of their choice: social networks, emails, sms, phone calls, etc. Improve French

“My fondest memory of United Bilingual Correspondents is when I could talk to my pen pal about anything. I could express my feelings and academic plans, and he would give me advice. I did that for him too.” – Ian, grade 12 student in London, ON

To foster conversation and consistency, French for the Future sends out a monthly email with ideas for discussion topics.

The program, launched in 2019 by the French for the Future Youth Committee, has since been taken up as a recurring program of the organization. We want to give teenagers an opportunity to improve their French by connecting with other peers their age in a fun and relaxed format. 

To register and for more information on this program, please visit the French for the Future website: