We are looking for driven Bilingual Ambassadors! Registrations for our National Ambassadors Youth Forum are now open until May 6.

French for the Future is excited to announce the opening of applications for the National Ambassador Youth Forum (FNJA) 2024 edition! Open to Grade 10 and 11 students across Canada (secondary 3 and 4 in Quebec), this transformative program is set to showcase the benefits of bilingualism in an inspiring 6-day adventure in Edmonton from August 4 to 9. The participants will then become ambassadors for French in their community during the following school year.

The FNJA is a gathering of 35 students enrolled in French programs from diverse backgrounds, united by a common passion for the French language. This year’s event will feature a lineup of workshops, activities, and immersive experiences, all aimed at celebrating the significance of bilingualism in our multicultural society.  This preparatory week not only equips ambassadors for their role but also fosters connections and friendships with fellow participants.

“We were all able to create unforgettable memories and bonds that I’ll always carry with me.” shares Michael Suyavong, a 2023 FNJA ambassador.

Participants will have the opportunity to build confidence in French and embark on a leadership journey while connecting with fellow francophones and francophiles nationwide

Applications are open to students nationwide who are currently in Grade 10 or 11 (secondary 3 and 4 in Quebec), available from August 4 to 9, 2024, and enrolled in a French program. Interested students are encouraged to register before May 6, 2024, by completing the participant registration form and finding a sponsor to support their application.

“Our goal is to empower young leaders and advocates of the French language and bilingualism,” says Emeline Leurent. Executive Director of French for the Future. “We’re excited to welcome a new cohort of ambassadors who will continue to promote bilingualism and inspire others in their communities.”

The impact of the National Ambassador Youth Forum can be felt long after the 6-day event. For more information visit our website.