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Discover the 2024 ambassadors!

Join the ranks of our passionate and driven bilingual ambassadors!

Open to Grade 10 and 11 students (secondaire 3 or 4 in Quebec), the National Ambassador Youth Forum (FNJA) brings together 35 students from across Canada, enrolled in French programs.

The National Ambassador Youth Forum is being held in a different city every year. This year, immerse yourself in a 6-day adventure in Edmonton from August 4 to 9: a dynamic week of workshops, activities, and unforgettable experiences centered around the significance of bilingualism. Travel, accommodation and all activities are free for participants.

The 2023 edition was held in the vibrant city of Halifax, NS, from August 13 to 18. From project management to leadership, and a sprinkle of games and activities, every moment was an opportunity for growth!

National Ambassador Youth Forum

National Ambassador Youth Forum

“We were all able to create unforgettable memories and bonds that I’ll always carry with me.”
– Michael Suyavong, FNJA 2023 ambassador

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Why Become a French for the Future Ambassador?

  • Tap into your linguistic abilities and build confidence in French
  • Start your leadership journey and learn to turn your project ideas into reality
  • Connect with fellow francophones and francophiles nationwide!

Your mission as an ambassador is to promote the French language and official bilingualism in your school throughout the year following the FNJA by organizing activities related to French.

Before you start your year as an ambassador, you will attend a free week of training in August. The Forum not only equips you for your role as an ambassador but also provides a unique opportunity to foster connections and friendships with other participants.

Who Can Join the Adventure?

Applications are open to students Canada-wide who are:

🎓 currently in grade 10 or 11 (secondaire 3 or 4 in Quebec)
🗓️ available from August 4 to 9, 2024
📚 enrolled in a French program (Core, Extended, Immersion, French First Language)
🗣️ comfortable communicating in French and English with and in front of their peers
🏆 involved in French extracurricular activities
🌟 leadership-oriented and ready to make a lasting impact!

Register before May 6, 2024!

How to apply?

To submit an application to participate in French for the Future’s 2023 FNJA, students must first fill out the participant registration form. Then, they must have their sponsor fill out the application support form:

Participant Registration Form

Each participant must fill out a 250-word “Motivation” section in the Participant Registration Form. The participant must answer two questions:

  • Why do you want to become a French for the Future Ambassador?
  • Why do you want to participate in the FNJA?

It is highly recommended that you write a draft in a separate document, and then copy and paste it into the registration form.

Moreover, we also ask for a video link as part of the Participant Registration Form. In this video, the participant must:

  • present him/herself in French (provide their first name, last name, school, city, province, and language category, i.e. French first language or French second language)
  • in French, answer the question : Si tu étais choisi comme ambassadeur, quelle activité pour promouvoir le français voudrais-tu mettre en place dans ton école ou ta communauté?

You must host the video on a video platform such as Youtube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo. It must not be more than 1 minute in length and must be public as the selected ambassadors will have their video published on French for the Future’s website.

Application Support Form

Each participant must have a sponsor to support his/her application, from his/her own community. The sponsor may not be a parent or guardian. This person will provide support to the future ambassador, and commit him or herself to:

  • Provide support to the future ambassador in the organization of activities to promote the French language for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • Act as a contact person for French for the Future. We would contact him or her 2 or 3 times throughout the year, to provide feedback on the ambassador’s commitment level.

N.B – Applications for the 2023 FNJA will not be considered complete and will therefore not be accepted unless the Application Support Form is filled out by a sponsor (who may not be a parent or guardian) chosen by the candidate. The Participant Registration Form must be completed by the candidate him or herself.

What’s next?

Ambassadors will be selected by French for the Future’s Selection Committee.

If you are selected, you will be notified during the month of May 2024 by e-mail and/or phone. The official list of 2024 ambassadors will be revealed on our website starting in June 2024.

Set out on an exciting adventure where language, leadership, and lifelong friendships come together.

Many thanks to our sponsors of the 2023 edition!

National Ambassador Youth Forum      National Ambassador Youth Forum      National Ambassador Youth Forum      National Ambassador Youth Forum           National Ambassador Youth Forum       

2023 Edition – FNJA in Halifax, Nova Scotia


National Ambassador Youth Forum  National Ambassador Youth Forum