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Last updated on June 4, 2021

Under federal privacy legislation, organizations are required to develop detailed procedures to govern the retention of documents in our possession that contain personal information. In addition, good business practices call for retention procedures to ensure that we keep personal information and sensitive business documents for the appropriate length of time for reference and continuity, but that we do not retain such information beyond the period required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or developed.

To make record retention as easy as possible the recommended time for record retention is seven years. After that time, records can be destroyed as outlined in the Record Destruction section below. In a few instances, record retention requirements will vary, as required by law.

Note: Electronic documents are subject to the same Document Retention Policy as paper documents, dependent upon content.

Note: While privacy law requires that personal information be kept only as long as needed to carry out appropriate services or programs associated with that information, it is permissible to use anonymous data from French for the Future records for statistical purposes.

Exception: If the French for the Future is notified that its records are subject to litigation or potential litigation, then those records must be preserved until legal counsel determines the records are no longer needed.

Record Retention

Time Frame


By-laws & Regulations

Indefinitely 1

Board minutes

Indefinitely 1

Board committee minutes

Indefinitely 1

Annual general meeting minutes

Indefinitely 1

Policies & procedures

Indefinitely 1


Official donation receipts for Income Tax purposes

2 years from the end of the calendar year in which the donations were made

Records for 10-year gifts (donations that are subject to a donor’s written trust or direction)

Indefinitely 1

Paid invoices

7 years from the time of payment

Accounts receivable

7 years from time of issue

Pledge sheets and pledge books

2 years form date on sheets or books

General ledgers and other final summaries

CRA requirement: 6 years from end of the last tax year to which they relate while charity is registered, and for 2 years after the date the registration of the charity is revoked.

Audited financial statements


T3010 filing information

CRA requirement: 6 years from end of the last tax year to which they relate while charity is registered, and for 2 years after the date the registration of the charity is revoked.


Former employee records

7 years from the time the person ceased to be an employee or as required by law

Payroll records

7 years or as required by law


Inactive volunteer records

7 years, from the time the volunteer ceased to be active


Inactive participants records (registration documents)

7 years from the time the participant ceased to receive services

Sensitive information collected for a specific event (ex: allergies, medical information, etc).

1 month after the end of the event

Inactive clients records (shop)

7 years from the last order


Inactive donors

7 years from time of last donation

Planned giving-expectancies

Until notification that gift has been received/realized

Planned giving-realized

Until 7 years after final gift in donor’s will received

Fundraising strategy documents and plans (final versions)


Do not call lists


Do not mail lists



Annual reports


Official newsletter


Record Destruction

French for the Future records that contain personal information and sensitive information as outlined above must be destroyed in such a manner so that information cannot be reconstructed or retrieved. Paper documents must be shredded.

Electronic files must be permanently and thoroughly deleted from all online and offline storage media using existing digital shredding techniques to prevent data reconstruction. If detailed historical transactions are to be retained, all personal identifiable data (name, home address, home telephone number) must be destroyed.


  1. Canada Revenue Agency regulations require records be kept as long as the charity is registered and for a minimum of two years after the date the registration of the charity is revoked. For simplicity sake, this period is referred to as “indefinitely” in this documents.