2021 National essay contest winners

Today, French for the Future is pleased to announce the 2021 National Essay Contest winners. A total of 431 teenagers in grades 10 to 12 from across Canada submitted essays in an effort to win one of our 96 scholarships to study in French at the post-secondary level. Our judges enjoyed reading the submissions and appreciated the quality of the writing. Nevertheless, they had to select the best ones and 96 authors were declared winners.

French for the Future would like to congratulate and recognize the efforts of all the participants in the 2021 National Essay Contest. The entries received represent many hours of work and reflection on the part of the contestants. The question addressed was the following:

“In a future where everything is possible, how will the food we eat and the way it is produced have changed?”

French for the Future wanted to get young people to question the way we consume food and the influence of society on our diet. There were many possible answers: from the impact of global warming to the effects of food fads, some adolescents were more into the analysis of a perceived problem while others chose to adopt a less pragmatic angle.

The list of winners from all provinces and territories is available on our website. This year, 96 students will share a total of $368,000 in scholarships donated by the 14 French for the Future partner colleges and universities: University of Ottawa, Campus Glendon York university, Université Sainte-Anne, Université de Montréal, Université de Moncton, Université de l’Ontario français, Université de Saint-Boniface, UBC, Campus Saint-Jean university of Alberta, SFU, Collège Boréal, University of Lethbridge, La cité universitaire francophone University of Regina, Collège de l’Île.

French for the Future would like to thank all its partners, without whom the National Essay Contest could not take place.