French ambassador

Registration for the National Ambassador Youth Forum 2022 is now open! Each year, French for the Future invites teenagers in grades 10 to 11, or Secondaire 4 and 5 in Quebec, enrolled in a French program (Core French, Intensive French, Immersion, French Language Schools), to become French for the Future ambassadors. Their mission will be to promote French language learning and bilingualism throughout the upcoming school year. French ambassadors

Their journey begins with 6 days of sharing, training and cultural activities to prepare them for their new role. This year, 33 students will meet in Regina, Saskatchewan from August 14 to 19, 2022. Prospective students have until May 9 to register on the French for the Future website

“What makes this program unique is that it connects teens from across Canada and as a student, it was fascinating to hear the different perspectives of others. It was heartwarming to learn that in many of our communities we face the same challenges in educating other teens that French is not just important, but that it contributes to Canada’s heritage.”
– Unnati Ramdhony, FNJA 2021 Ambassador

The forum will return in person, pending favorable conditions. The program is completely free of charge. Travel and accommodation are provided to all participants. The selected candidates will be announced at the beginning of June. 

Good luck to all!